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IUD/Personhood/Just a vagina

12 Jan


There was a media orgy over Mississippi’s “Personhood” Amendment that was left for the voters to decide in Nov. 2011, if passed, it would have defined a fertilized egg as a person and effectively outlawed abortion in the state. This Amendment, known to voters as Amendment 26, was struck down by the voters of what is known as one of the most conservative states in America cause it’s wording was vague and could have included routinely used forms of contraceptives including the Pill and IUDs. Now the freakshows who initiated this waste of time are trying to push it through the state legislator and circumnavigate the will of the voters. Usual sore loser shit.

I take this subject very seriously because I have an IUD, a small device that lives in my uterus and prevents conception and if fertilization happens, it prevents implantation. This was the most cost-effective, healthy, long-term option I had for preventing pregnancy. After many attempts at taking oral (hormonal) contraceptives I learned that my body reacted poorly to them, I gain weight, my blood pressure elevates and I turn into an emotionally unstable crazy bitch. The IUD I choose involves no hormones, is good for 10 years and required 2 doctors visits, with an overall cost of $30.

So every time I read about personhood amendments or how multiplying cells should have rights as people (I guess they’re using the same logical as Corporations being people) all I can think is “god!! I’m so tired of my vagina being a battleground!!!!” Let’s face it, all women in one way or another are part of the battleground but purely in the context of their vagina being the possible bearer of life. With the personhood debate the proponents are the righteous, the baby is the victim, my uterus is the battleground, the IUD is the devil and the rest of me is just the fleshy meat surrounding the debate. Where do I exist?

As a self-proclaimed selfish person, hence the IUD and absence of babies, I find debates concerning my body that don’t really factor me in as a person to be infuriating. I make smart decision about my reproductive options and then wingnuts decide that I’m not a person, I’m a baby making factory that should respect the potential for life in my, as yet, untested vagina more than I respect myself.

We should have moved passed the time where myths and fables dictate or legislation, where logic is tossed aside for the sake of “righteousness”, where women receive more attention to their combined uterus’ than all their accomplishments and triumphs combined. It genuinely makes me sick that with everything that people could be fighting for they fight for potential life over actual life.

Nugget of Awesomeness: GET OUT OF MY UTERUS!!!! Or if your gonna be all rude like that then at least acknowledge that it’s attached to a person. And if you can’t treat me like a person in the debate then don’t act all shocked when I can’t have sympathy for the “babies”, if you don’t give a crap that I exist I can’t give a crap that these “babies” could exist.



Gym culture AKA stuff I’m not good at.

7 Jan

I recently joined a gym for 3 months so I can have some place to jog indoors cause I don’t jog in the cold. Totally a princess like that. Really I don’t jog per se, I walk/jog and barely get above the slow saunter that is my natural pace but, whatevs, at least I’m trying.

The gym is a weird place to me; like church, fancy restaurants and flat-chested girls support meetings, it’s obvious from the get-go that I don’t fit in. For the gym it’s the attire that calls me out, I wear sweatpants and baggy shirts or disgustingly old wife-beaters cause I’m going to sweat all over it so why wear something nice. Seems that the desire to improve oneself physically is now also a fashion show, only the nicest, most breathable, sweat repelling, muscle massaging, ass-kissing gear can be worn to work out it. I’m so ashamed.

When did working out become a god-damn fashion show? I shouldn’t be surprised, even the purest of pursuits can be capitalized on and made into an elitist side-show. 

Also, there is some kind of weird unspoken, not written fucking anywhere laws that govern the gym that people don’t tell you but get all snotty about when you aren’t following them. Here’s a thought, let me know that at peak times it’s not polite to stay on the treadmill for more than 30 min, then when I ignore it you can have a good reason to think I’m a bitch and the skank-eyes you are throwing at me from across the room will be well deserved.

I don’t give a crap and will show up in whatever feels comfortable and work out how ever I choose and the haters can, SUCK IT!!! But I have heard more than one person I know express apprehension towards joining a gym because of this better-than-thou attitude that some folks have, they are afraid people will ridicule them and they aren’t wrong.

Like usual my advice is to say SUCK IT to the haters, they don’t deserve to win but American culture is a very “looks” based culture and it can be hard for someones self-esteem to have to be judged that way, not everyone can handle it.

Nugget of Awesomeness: Hey, ya you…the jerk in the $200 outfit at the gym, the one scoffing at everybody, let me break something down for you. I pay a gym membership fee every month just like you so, FUCK OFF!!! If you don’t like that other folks dress down and use the equipment for longer than you would like or aren’t as physically awesome as you then get a home gym. But if you are going to continue to pay for a public gym membership then quit with the judgement, it makes you look like a douche. Well, more of a douche than you already look like in your over priced work-out gear. 

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