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One of two things

22 Feb

After 30, women can only have 2 pieces of big news, you’re pregnant or you’re getting hitched. Truth!!!!

A while back I sent an email to a friend and said I had some big news, but i didn’t specify that the news was I had gotten a promotion.  Her response was “Are you pregnant? Getting married?” I’d like to point out that at the time I was not seeing anyone so both of these scenarios were unlikely. I wanted to be insulted by my friends narrow definition of “big news” until I remember that when she called a year before and left a voicemail saying she wanted to talk to me person to person cause she had big news I immediately thought “well, she either preggers or engaged.”  She was preggers. Yes, I still use the word preggers, even in brain-to-me conversations.

I find this to be depressing, cause basically your choices as an adult of what to be excited about gets whittled down to two options. Those options maybe awesome but it’s still only TWO things and once they are done what the crap do you get to brag about?? Sure you could have more kids but time, money and need for sanity will ultimately prevent you from crankin out kids forever and then what the hell do you get.

I guess things associated with those two options get to be your “happy” moments: anniversaries, graduations, birthdays, holidays. But really that is a collective big deal, not a personal piece of awesomeness.

Anyone who knows me knows that I talked incessantly about my trip to Greece for the 8 months I spent planning it. Excessive? Absolutely. Anymore excessive than the amount of time spent talking about someone’s impending nuptials or progeny? Nope. I say this to make two points, first, just cause I’m single doesn’t mean I don’t deserve to obsess over my single shit as much as you do your baby/wedding brouhaha. Second, you can have exciting news that has nothing to do with anyone but you.

Nugget of Awesomeness: As always I’m advocating the rights of single people, in this instance I think we need to expand what constitutes “big news” for an adult to include the less traditional circumstances. But I’m also advocating that people in general get more to be excited about out of adulthood and hopefully more to look forward to. Marriage and babies are awesome but so is a lot of other shit and honestly, the whole Marriage/Baby combo has been done to death, perhaps it’s time to spice things up a little.

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