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Taking back the moral high ground

31 Aug

We’ve reach that point in the presidential election process were women’s collective baby makers get a lot more attention that usual. Don’t get me wrong, what I do with my vagina is always a topic in the news but it just gets more popular around this time. But after Todd Akin’s bullshit about legitimate rape I find it disgusting  that the RNC still laid out there platforms which includes no exception for abortion in the case of incest or rape. 

Hey fuckfaces. Does it strike you as odd that we have a more comprehensive national dialogue about whether or not a woman can have an abortion after being raped (or what constitutes rape) than we have a dialogue about preventing rape. Why aren’t we discussing ways as a culture we can prevent the climate that makes rape so prevalent. Or expanding access to counseling for rape victims. Or creating a legal system that doesn’t further victimize them when they attempt to get justice. Oh right, because the idea of a baby trumps the existence of a woman. 

Because the moral high ground is easier to control when you call the other side baby killers. It’s easier to achieve when you speak for someone who can not contradict you. Having a dialogue about rape would mean being educated on the subject, forming an intelligent opinion and standing by it for less than biblical reasons. 

And there in the problem. It’s easier to claim the moral high ground when speaking of  innocent babies while praising god and throwing in some “amen.” It’s a self-righteous smoke screen. And if you call bullshit then you are religiously intolerant. Well….I’m calling BULLSHIT.

(Sidebar: Having the majority of your political platforms based on what you were told by the bible is lazy politics. Try thinking of something original to dictate your policy.)

I’ve decided to take the moral high ground back. So If you base most of your political career on denying women’s right to autonomy and denying  gay people the right to marry, while staunchly defending guns rights with no restriction. Then you DON’T get the moral high ground. When you are so greedy you can’t ask for the top 10% to pay their fair share of taxes during troubled economic times but would repeal heath-care legislation that would provide needed services to millions of Americans. Then you DON”T get the moral high ground. When your platform is so weak that you have to create voter requirements that disproportional limit access to the voting constituents of your oppositions. Then you DONT get the moral high ground. 

And if I have to feel slut shamed everyday of my life for merely having a vagina then you don’t get to claim to be my moral superior. 

Nugget of Awesomeness: If your politics is merely religion, fear-mongering and distortions wrapped in a flag and emblazoned with In God We Trust then you no longer get to have the moral high ground. You wanna know why? Cause you don’t do anything, not anything helpful. Not anything that’s useful to me or most people I know. You deny and limit when you have the ability to help. So I am putting you on notice, fucking do something. Something of real value, something that helps and not because anyone told you to but because it’s the right thing to do. Is that so GOD DAMN hard!!!

Also, keep your laws off my body.



Here’s what I have a Conscientious Objection to…

17 Feb

I conscientiously object to Conservatives wasting time denying women the right to birth control when they should be making at least a vague attempt at creating jobs .

I conscientiously object to the unrelenting attack on women by religion.

I conscientiously object to my total value in society being what I can and can not do with my uterus.

I conscientiously object to our country tip-toeing around hurting poor little Religion’s  feelings by scapegoating half the population.

I conscientiously object to the idea that my employer should have any say in my medical treatments or prescriptions.

I conscientiously object to allowing, bigots, homophobes, misogynist, and pshycopaths to not only hide behind religion but have their twisted world view accepted in the name of religious tolerance.

I conscientiously object to being labeled a bitch because I vehemently disagree with you taking away my rights and freedoms (being called a bitch as a woman really just means you aren’t taking the shit they throw at you with a smile. so, yay, I’m a bitch).

I conscientiously object to any medical decision being made based solely on an ancient text full of inaccuracies and inconsistencies, ESPECIALLY when said text has nothing to do with medicine.

I conscientiously object to all groups besides Religious groups being deemed “special interest”  and demonized by the right for wanting special treatment.

I conscientiously object to churches being tax exempt.

I conscientiously object to men wanting any say in a debate about women’s reproductive rights, you can’t have all the opinions without any of the consequences.

I conscientiously object to ideology that makes me second class by the sheer fact of being a women.

I conscientiously object to anyone who deems me intolerant for hating religion. Religious ideologues tell me I’m going to hell, I’m a sinner and work ceaselessly to take away my reproductive rights and basic rights to autonomy but I’m the jerk for not liking them? It’s called logic, you don’t respect me, I don’t respect you.

I conscientiously object to Corporations and dividing cells being considered “people” and more important “people” than me.

I conscientiously object to constantly being angry or sad or ashamed of my country for how it lets women down.

I conscientiously object to any person or idea that does not give me the full respect I deserve as a human being.

Nugget of Awesomeness: Hey, Congress!! Yes you, the over paid, self-righteous, do nothing, bunch of fucktard who care more about ruining their opposition than fixing the economy. How about you get off your lazy ass and do something effective, like CREATE JOBS and ECONOMIC STABILITY. And get the fuck outta my cooch and off my birth control. DO YOUR JOB!!!! Religion has it’s freedom to exist, it does not have the freedom to waste tax payer time and money to force its beliefs on large portions of the population. END OF STORY.

IUD/Personhood/Just a vagina

12 Jan


There was a media orgy over Mississippi’s “Personhood” Amendment that was left for the voters to decide in Nov. 2011, if passed, it would have defined a fertilized egg as a person and effectively outlawed abortion in the state. This Amendment, known to voters as Amendment 26, was struck down by the voters of what is known as one of the most conservative states in America cause it’s wording was vague and could have included routinely used forms of contraceptives including the Pill and IUDs. Now the freakshows who initiated this waste of time are trying to push it through the state legislator and circumnavigate the will of the voters. Usual sore loser shit.

I take this subject very seriously because I have an IUD, a small device that lives in my uterus and prevents conception and if fertilization happens, it prevents implantation. This was the most cost-effective, healthy, long-term option I had for preventing pregnancy. After many attempts at taking oral (hormonal) contraceptives I learned that my body reacted poorly to them, I gain weight, my blood pressure elevates and I turn into an emotionally unstable crazy bitch. The IUD I choose involves no hormones, is good for 10 years and required 2 doctors visits, with an overall cost of $30.

So every time I read about personhood amendments or how multiplying cells should have rights as people (I guess they’re using the same logical as Corporations being people) all I can think is “god!! I’m so tired of my vagina being a battleground!!!!” Let’s face it, all women in one way or another are part of the battleground but purely in the context of their vagina being the possible bearer of life. With the personhood debate the proponents are the righteous, the baby is the victim, my uterus is the battleground, the IUD is the devil and the rest of me is just the fleshy meat surrounding the debate. Where do I exist?

As a self-proclaimed selfish person, hence the IUD and absence of babies, I find debates concerning my body that don’t really factor me in as a person to be infuriating. I make smart decision about my reproductive options and then wingnuts decide that I’m not a person, I’m a baby making factory that should respect the potential for life in my, as yet, untested vagina more than I respect myself.

We should have moved passed the time where myths and fables dictate or legislation, where logic is tossed aside for the sake of “righteousness”, where women receive more attention to their combined uterus’ than all their accomplishments and triumphs combined. It genuinely makes me sick that with everything that people could be fighting for they fight for potential life over actual life.

Nugget of Awesomeness: GET OUT OF MY UTERUS!!!! Or if your gonna be all rude like that then at least acknowledge that it’s attached to a person. And if you can’t treat me like a person in the debate then don’t act all shocked when I can’t have sympathy for the “babies”, if you don’t give a crap that I exist I can’t give a crap that these “babies” could exist.


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