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Here’s what I have a Conscientious Objection to…

17 Feb

I conscientiously object to Conservatives wasting time denying women the right to birth control when they should be making at least a vague attempt at creating jobs .

I conscientiously object to the unrelenting attack on women by religion.

I conscientiously object to my total value in society being what I can and can not do with my uterus.

I conscientiously object to our country tip-toeing around hurting poor little Religion’s  feelings by scapegoating half the population.

I conscientiously object to the idea that my employer should have any say in my medical treatments or prescriptions.

I conscientiously object to allowing, bigots, homophobes, misogynist, and pshycopaths to not only hide behind religion but have their twisted world view accepted in the name of religious tolerance.

I conscientiously object to being labeled a bitch because I vehemently disagree with you taking away my rights and freedoms (being called a bitch as a woman really just means you aren’t taking the shit they throw at you with a smile. so, yay, I’m a bitch).

I conscientiously object to any medical decision being made based solely on an ancient text full of inaccuracies and inconsistencies, ESPECIALLY when said text has nothing to do with medicine.

I conscientiously object to all groups besides Religious groups being deemed “special interest”  and demonized by the right for wanting special treatment.

I conscientiously object to churches being tax exempt.

I conscientiously object to men wanting any say in a debate about women’s reproductive rights, you can’t have all the opinions without any of the consequences.

I conscientiously object to ideology that makes me second class by the sheer fact of being a women.

I conscientiously object to anyone who deems me intolerant for hating religion. Religious ideologues tell me I’m going to hell, I’m a sinner and work ceaselessly to take away my reproductive rights and basic rights to autonomy but I’m the jerk for not liking them? It’s called logic, you don’t respect me, I don’t respect you.

I conscientiously object to Corporations and dividing cells being considered “people” and more important “people” than me.

I conscientiously object to constantly being angry or sad or ashamed of my country for how it lets women down.

I conscientiously object to any person or idea that does not give me the full respect I deserve as a human being.

Nugget of Awesomeness: Hey, Congress!! Yes you, the over paid, self-righteous, do nothing, bunch of fucktard who care more about ruining their opposition than fixing the economy. How about you get off your lazy ass and do something effective, like CREATE JOBS and ECONOMIC STABILITY. And get the fuck outta my cooch and off my birth control. DO YOUR JOB!!!! Religion has it’s freedom to exist, it does not have the freedom to waste tax payer time and money to force its beliefs on large portions of the population. END OF STORY.


Michele Bachmann needs to get a GD dictionary

15 Aug

This kind of shit makes me wanna pull a P-Swayze in Roadhouse move and rip a bitches throat out with my bare hands.

In the Republican debate in Iowa last week Michele Bachmann was asked if she would “submit” to her husband. Bachmann is a Traditional Christian who believes in the ideas of wifely submission. Her answer, “Marcus and I will be married 30 years coming this September. Submission means respect.”

Back the stupid ideology train the fuck up, in what known dumb as a box of rocks universe does submission mean respect. Bitch let me define some terms for you.

Merrian-Webster defines submissive as submitting to others, the word submit is defined as to yield governance or authority.

Now, respect can be interpreted in a couple different ways, it is defined as: a relation or reference to a particular thing or situation: an act of giving particular attention, consideration  :a high or special regard, esteem.

Obviously there is not way to misinterpret submission as being synonymous with respect and Bachmann knows this. She knows that the idea of wifely submission is that the wife submits to the ultimate authority of her husband on all things, this is a symbolic ritual to represent a wife’s submission to Jesus in all things.

Bachman purposefully misrepresented this because she knows that the general American public will find this freakshow religious notion archaic and laughable. And it is. This is just another attempt by Catholicism to marginalize the right of women within the church and within society.

And it has more political importance than you may think. With modern movements to establish the US as a “Christian Nation” that have been successful in some part (women’s reproductive right), this could lead to reduction, if not outright elimination, of women’s basic rights, freedoms and liberties. This may seem like an extreme view but it is not completely out of the realm of possibility, no matter how improbable we find it to be.

Am I calling Michele Bachmann anit-woman, yep. The theories of wifely submission do nothing to help her or women in general, they serve only the interest of men and their sexism. I consider that to be anti-women and an attack on my beliefs. I will not take that lightly and I will fight the ignorant ideologies that breed this kind of backwards thinking.

Nugget of Awesomeness: If your religious beliefs are valid then you wouldn’t have to lie about them. And, correct me if I’m wrong but, isn’t bearing false witness a sin??????

We use this book for guidance?

14 Jun

This is perfectly hilarious example of why the Bible should not be used for guidance when it comes to marriage and people’s right to the “sacred institution.” If this is supposed to be the word of God then he is a total perv, which kinda makes sense if you look at the world we live in.

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