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Confession Goulash #3

19 Jul

golf club

When I was a kid I ripped the roof of my mouth off with a broken golf club. You know all those bumps and ridges you have on the roof of you mouth?? I don’t have them.


Lola, L-O-L-A, Lola, L-L-Lola

5 May

For the past two months or so I have had noticed a local 23 year-old female has been checking out my profile, the site keeps a record of all your visitors. Once every week or so this lady checks out my profile which seems odd because she describes herself as “straight”.

So I mention this to a friend of mine who says maybe she is looking at my profile as a fan, to pick up tips on how to write a good profile. Of course I like this idea cause it makes me sound awesome and worthy of someones admiration.

Yesterday I notice that my young lady had checked out my page again so I decided to take a peek at hers to see if she was stealin my awesome profile style. First thing I notice is the pics, these pics are of a very effeminate MAN, a man who wears make-up and has a ladies haircut but still a man. Confused I look at the gender field again and realized it has the big “M” for male. How have I not noticed this before?

In my defense, the guys pic, especially the thumbnail that comes up in the visitors list, looks a lot like a girl. I guess my brain saw a feminine looking picture and assessed it as a lady, then filled in the gender on the profile as “female.” Oh, brain….you are so hilarious.

Nugget of Awesomeness: I can be so oblivious sometimes. Me no smartie today, I likes shiny…..weeeeee!!!!! 

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